Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,
 May God bless you all. 
Our message to you in this time comes as a result of the unusual circumstances that surrounded us all with a hard situation looking into our children eyes; to see in their innocent looks fear and many questions that we are too confused to answer, as we do not have the answer to some of them. What should be done? 
Do we let the pressure of these difficult circumstances, which forced them to stay in their homes without allowing them to go out for walks, travel, visit friends, or even go to their schools, or to do other things that they wish to do, while our only concern is about doing homework, memorizing lessons, making a schedule to gain time, losing the school year, following up on the events and waiting for the report of the Ministry of Health to know the number of people afflicted with this disease, and other things that occupy our thinking? We need to realize that we are losing sight of a very important issue which is the mental health of our children in light of these difficult circumstances. We need to look for a way that enables us to transform these days and moments in the lives of our children into sweet memories that they carry with them until the day comes when these memories become beautiful stories that they narrate for their children or even to their grandchildren.
Let's try to set aside time for them, turn off the TV and put the phones aside and sit with them, listen to them and start giving them moments, bring happiness to their small hearts that know nothing but love, and give them various moments such as: playing, drawing, reading them a story they love, engaging them in cooking their favorite dish. We should create for them a primal atmosphere free from stress and anxiety and not to make them feel or notice the anxiety that we feel in order not to pass on negative energy to them and affect our children and not to place them under pressure  to complete school homework that will lead them to dislike studying. Don't worry about  school days, we all have the same circumstances, and when we return to school, we will follow the path and continue with them wherever they are and compensate them as much as possible for what they have missed

Dear Parents,
  Our constant preoccupation with work and providing the necessities of life has taken away a lot of time from our children, and now it’s the chance to be with them, and for a period of time we do not know how long it will last. It is true that the circumstances are different but we are able to give them unforgettable moments and days, and to look at the bright side, that we now have sufficient time. Let us agree together to leave something astonishing in their minds, and to remember that they were forced into a long vacation devoid of all means of entertainment, to find themselves at home and in front of new ways of learning and an atmosphere full of tension, bad news and sounds of sirens, we have not seen or heard about except in wars. 
May God protect you and them from all harm.