Admission & Registration


Admission Policy

All students admitted to MIA undergo a set of exams that assesses their abilities in Arabic and English. This set is used as an identifying tool for their weakness and strengths in their language abilities. This process is followed by providing the parents with all the documents required for registration as well as information pertaining to the school. Information about the school curriculum and other issues is provided by the academic supervisor.

The admission policy of MIA is a multi-step process that was carefully designed.
Student(s) applying to MIA should:
  1. Hand in a completed application filled out by the parents/guardians of student(s).
  2. Pass an interview to make sure that the student(s) are ready to join the school. The interview tests the student(s) in terms of personality, language and motivation.
  3. Submit the completed school application form together with the required documents to the admission office.
  4. Take an admission test assessing different skills in English, mathematics and the Arabic language.
  5. Pay the registration fees and submit required documents.


Grants and Discount Information:

5% discount is generated for full payment at the start of school year and before August 25, 2022.

Grants (10th - 12th Grade) Sibling Discount Grants for the Holy Quran
99 and Above  100% Older Sibling  - All Holy Quran 100%
98.9-98   75% Second Sibling  5%               15 Parts 40%
97.9 - 97        50% Third Sibling  10%         10 Parts 25%
96.9 -95         25% Fourth Sibling and More 15%   5 Parts  15%



The school provides transportation to most areas in Amman


   Required Documents for KG and Grade 1:

  1. Notarized birth certificate.
  2. Family book (first page, Father, Mother, and Student(s)).
  3. Two personal photographs of the child(ren).
  4. Copy of Certificate of Vaccination.

   Required Documents for the Remaining Classes:

  1. Notarized birth certificate.
  2. Family book (first page, Father, Mother, and Student(s)).
  3. Copy of Certificate of Vaccination.
  4. Copy of Passport for non-Jordanians.
  5. Notarized transcript from previous school.
  6. Last Report Card for the student(s).
  7. Student(s) Record(s) from the Ministry of Education.
  8. Residence Permit for non-Jordanians. 

Fill in the Online Registration Form and our registration department will contact you.

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