Life Skills

life skills

Life Skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. Mada teaches "Road to Success" , "ProtectEd", and "Tafawwaq" to build students’ self-esteem and to help them in communicating more effectively. Here are some activities that were applied in class.



Mada adopts a full comprehensive life skills training program to develop and upgrade students' social and leadership skills, as well as  self-esteem and this adds to the children's knowledge and helps them to bring out the best of  their abilities.

It covers the six main issues: 

  • Discover Yourself
  • Relationship Bank
  • Your Ideas
  • Shaping your Life's Prosperous Future
  • Life Around you and the School of Ethics
10 minutes

Daily 10 minute Activities

  1. Can life skills really change a child's life?
  2. Can the Daily 10 minute Activities help your child to improve themselves? 

Educators and supervisors who apply this program strongly endorse this concept of "Daily 10 minute Activities".

Mada teaches a creative interactive program for KG students that includes a group of virtual games that develops the child's personality and helps him/her to be self-aware and to better communicate with others and learn various ethics through tangible tools. 

Be Responsible - Respect Decision Making - Critical Thinking - Communication - Courtesy and Tact. 

life skills  - protect ed


A unique Canadian school safety program, which is taught to all students in English to help them deal with life issues like physical/personal safety, ethics, bullying, internet browsing, and personal/mental well-being. 



Mada adopts giving a class on "Scouts" to help its students improve key skills including social skills, teamwork ability, leadership ability and confidence. 

It is given once weekly.